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Teacher Training with Winifred Crock

Detailed Schedule

Registration deadline –– October 10th, 11:59pm

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Friday 5:00-8:00 pm

New Concepts in Sight Reading for Strings:

We will discuss how children learn and read language and these vital connections into symbol recognition, fluent sight reading and concepts of reading music. Winifred will cover diverse topics such as issues in the notation system and new systems to ensure advanced processing from the beginning.

She will also introduce her materials and concepts that address these issues including Pattern Play and other resources. She hopes to have time to share her concepts of instrument centered theory rather than tradition applications of musical concepts.


Saturday 9:00-11:30 am

Learning Together, Listening Together, Playing Together for Teachers, part 1

We will discuss the foundation of ensemble skills in Suzuki group class and the recognition and development of these foundations into high-level ensemble skills. The use of lateral movement in repertoire choice, the development of multi-processing skills in the lesson and ensemble and ways to challenge the advanced player in an “easy” situation will be discussed. Winifred will introduce beginning ensemble materials in the Learning Together Series as well as other compatible materials for mixed string ensembles.

Learning Together, Listening Together, Playing Together for Students

Students participating in this afternoon will experience a wide variety of different ensemble and literacy games and learning experiences. Multi-process challenges, sound to action, sound to symbol and language to symbol games will be introduced. Students will be taught at least one new melody, harmony and bass line as well as playing solos in ensembles that they already know. Reading skills are wonderful, but not required. Strategies and concepts for developing SUPER ensemble skills for students in a “too easy” orchestra will be shared.

Sunday 10:00 am-4:30 pm

Learning Together, Listening Together, Playing Together for Teachers, part 2

     Sunday’s teacher development will include a variety of topics related to sight reading and ensemble work.

Time, Tempo and Tumult: Concepts and Solutions for Rhythm Issues in String Playing

We will focus on rhythmic issues in string playing and teaching. Winifred’s analysis of these issues address all music students, but her particular focus is for students who have learned to play by ear. Issues and teaching sequences with solutions will be shared. Developing internal beat and subdivision, reading in different macro and sub meters and encouraging positive use of the metronome are among the topics to be shared.


Help! I Can’t Do 27 Things at Once!

Sequencing Multiple Process Ensemble Skills for Young String Players

We typically ask our students to focus and process numerous concepts and demonstrate numerous skills as they develop as musicians. The process becomes far more complex when playing in ensembles. Playing a single line of music requires multiple intakes and actions. The complexities of ensemble performance and the circular nature of ensemble processing and response can be overwhelming. The question is, “How do we sequentially teach our students multi-layered skill processes?” The answers lie in sequential separated skill development built on a foundation of high level playing skills.

Learning Together, Listening Together, Playing Together for Teachers, part 3

Private lessons often focus on solo technical development, which is as it should be. With a slight adjustment in focus and activity, aural skills and foundational ensemble skills with piano and with a second player can be a regular part of learning and development. Sequences for developing aural skills in the group class and in ensembles will be shared as well as lateral repertoire choices that encourage such development.