The Suzuki Association of Minnesota

​Welcome to the Suzuki Association of Minnesota. Our journey began in 1993 with a small group of Suzuki teachers who were committed to enhancing the musical education of teachers, students and parents across the state of Minnesota. It’s continued premise: Collaborate and support each other by advocating opportunities for connectivity and enrichment. As members of this learning community come together, we hope to achieve a common goal – to unlock the musical potential of our students and elevate their level of musicianship.

​The Suzuki Philosophy

​The Suzuki method originated in Japan, where Dr. Shinichi Suzuki taught the art of playing the violin to young children by combining a music teaching method with a philosophy which embraces the total development of the child. Suzuki Talent Education is so named because Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy was founded on the belief that every child could learn, and music study was for everyone, not just for those who exhibited signs of talent. He also believed that a positive learning environment would also help to foster excellent character in every student.

​The Mother Tongue Approach

​The “mother-tongue approach” is based on Dr. Suzuki’s observation of children while he was in Germany. He noted that children learn to speak their native language long before they learn to read and write. They can also learn to play music long before reading and writing music. Children learn by ear while developing the physical skills of playing the instrument.Suzuki students are expected to listen to a recording of their current Suzuki pieces many times every day. In this way learning the music is very natural. The entire Suzuki repertoire is memorized; with this method, memorization is a simple and easy process.

​Why Become a Suzuki Teacher?

​Being a Suzuki teacher is an extremely rewarding profession where you will work with truly committed parents who enjoy learning music with their children. Since its introduction, the Suzuki Method has become a major force in instrumental music teaching. As parents and students experience the results, the demand continues to grow and increases the need for qualified teachers. Benefits of becoming a Suzuki teacher include:
  • ​an internationally recognized qualification
  • ​a professional structure for studio teachers
  • ​a huge support network for teachers, both locally and overseas
  • ​the opportunity to develop and explore teaching techniques through an established repertoire
  • ​regular professional development activities to keep you updated on best practices in music and teaching
  • ​regular access to the best teacher trainers and performers through conferences, masterclasses and workshops
  • ​a multitude of activities for you and your students including concerts, ensembles, masterclasses, camps and Statewide Graduation

​Our Mission

​The Suzuki Association of Minnesota encourages and supports excellence in education for teachers, parents, students and the general public in Minnesota and the Americas using the principles set forth by Shinichi Suzuki.

​The Suzuki Triangle

​The Suzuki Triangle connects the teacher, the child and the parent or home teacher. All work together to create a positive, effective learning environment for the student. The parent observes lessons so he or she can learn to create the same supportive musical environment in the home and has the knowledge necessary to repeat the lessons on a daily basis. Each child is allowed to progress at his or her own pace. There is a focus on positive reinforcement and the child is praised and encouraged at each step.

​The Suzuki Association of Minnesota (SAM) is a Chapter Affiliate and endorsed by the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA).