Graduation Day Resources: Flute

Graduation Recital: March 9th, 2024, 10am-12pm
Benson Great Hall, Bethel University

Arrival and Rehearsal

  • Park for FREE in Lot 9 in front of Benson Great Hall.
  • Be sure to check the Special Instructions column above for instrument-specific needs.
  • Signs will be posted to guide students to rehearsal rooms for tuning. Level TW and 1 parents may accompany their students.
  • Students will return to the lobby with the rehearsal leaders to meet parents before entering Benson Great Hall.

Parking at Bethel University
Bethel University Campus Map and Directions

Dress Code

Dressy Concert Attire. Appropriate choices include button-down shirts, dress pants, and formal dresses.

Please no jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, or sandals. Skirts should be knee-length or longer.

Concert Etiquette

  • Students will enter the Hall, sit with their families, and be called on stage from the audience.
  • Parents of non-soloists are not permitted backstage.
  • After performing, students will wait to be dismissed before leaving the stage.
  • Following the recital, students will go to the lobby to greet their teachers and collect their trophies.
  • The ushers at Benson Great Hall will close the doors to the hall at the beginning of each recital and will allow entrance to the hall only through the door in the back of the hall and between pieces when there is applause. It is very important that the hall is totally quiet, especially during a solo performance.
  • When the doors at the back of the hall are opened between pieces, people may enter and sit in the back only.
  • Please stay seated once the program has begun. Out of respect for the performers onstage, there should be no movement in the hall during pieces.
  • If people have entered the performance late they may visually find their family while sitting in the back, and, at the next applause break, go and join them.
  • Please make sure all cell phones are off for the duration of the performance.
  • Please plan to stay for the duration of the recital to ensure all performers have a supportive audience.

Trophies and Comment Sheets

Following the recital, students will go to the lobby to greet their teachers and collect their trophies.

Comment sheets are collected by teachers and shared with students at a future lesson.

​Benson Great Hall at Bethel University