1. Teacher Membership

You must be a current member of SAM and SAA to participate in SAM Graduation.

For more information, email Vanamali Medina at

2. Teacher Registration and Volunteer Information

Volunteering for graduation is the most important contribution to the event’s success. Fill out the online form. Include a substitute if you cannot attend.

3. Student Registration

Teachers are responsible for registering each of their students through a portal that will be made available in the fall preceding the Graduation (e.g. October 2019 for 2020 graduation)

Teachers pay for each student by credit card at the time of registration.

4. Fees

  • Registration for one instrument, one level is $40.
  • Registration for same instrument, additional levels is $20.
  • Application Fee for Upper Level Solo Opportunity at Benson Hall is $10.


January 15, 2020

  • Online teacher registration, volunteer and payment information
  • Online Student Registration

January 15–17 midnight

  • Teachers may edit registration at no charge

January 18–19 midnight

  • Teachers may edit registrations paying fee of $10 per student.
register now


Students will make a video—without accompaniment—of the graduation piece for each of the levels from which they are graduating. The video will be uploaded to YouTube and the link will be submitted with the online student registration. All graduation pieces will be performed play-in style at the Graduation Recitals.

Students are expected to polish their previous pieces thoroughly for this performance.


In order to graduate from: You must have studied the following: The graduation piece for this level is:
Twinkle Level F.X. Chwatal, Little Playmates S. Suzuki, Twinkle Theme and Variations
Level 1 M.K. Waddington, Gigue F.X. Chwatal, Little Playmates
Level 2 J.S. Bach, Minuet 1 M.K. Waddington, Gigue
Level 3 V.V. Rogers, Petite Etude J.S. Bach, Minuet 1 (Bk. 2)
Level 4 M. Clementi, Sonatina, Adagio (II) V.V. Rogers, Petite Etude (Bk. 2)
Level 5 A. Challan, Promenade a Marly M. Clementi, Sonatina, II. Adagio
Level 6 F. Godefroid, Etude A. Challan, Promenade a Marly
Level 7 C. Salzedo, Chanson dans la Nuit F. Godefroid, Etude
Level 8 C. Debussy, La Fille au Cheveux de Lin C. Salzedo, Chanson dans la Nuit
Level 9 G.F. Handel, Concerto in B-flat, Allegro Moderato (first movement) C. Debussy, La Fille au Cheveux de Lin