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​Giving the Gift of Music

​Brighten the lives of others with a gift of music. Accepted donations help fund various musical initiatives, whether it be teacher training or student scholarships, guest clinicians at our Fall Workshop, Pedagogy and Suzuki Principles in Actions classes, or the Statewide Graduation. To help these activities succeed, we need people like you. Click on the boxes below to see how you can give the gift of music to those who need it most. Photos Courtesy of the Suzuki Association of the Americas

Compose a Legacy


​The Suzuki Association of Minnesota benefits greatly from the unpaid support of volunteers from the community to work part-time during events throughout the year. To learn more about volunteering for SAM, please email the Association. Studies show that volunteers are happier people:
  • Being generous leads us to perceive others more compassionately; we typically find good qualities in people to whom we are kind
  • Being kind promotes a sense of connection and community with others, which is one of the strongest factors in increasing happiness
  • Being generous helps us appreciate and feel grateful for our own good fortune
  • Being generous boosts our self-image; it helps us feel useful and gives us a way to use our strengths and talents in a meaningful way
  • Being kind can start a chain reaction of positivity; being kind to others may lead them to be grateful and generous to others, who in turn are grateful and kind to others


​Help raise the collective consciousness of our community by becoming a Member today! As a Member you will receive exclusive benefits, including advance notice of special receptions and workshops, invitations to exclusive membership events and a subscription to the newsletter.

Your annual membership provides critical, unrestricted support for a variety of educational programs, workshops, statewide graduation and networking opportunities. By joining the Suzuki Association of Minnesota, you will enjoy an insider’s experience while perpetuating the Suzuki tradition of music in our statewide community. Click Here for more information.

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“Art exists for the human species. I think that all of the people who love art, those who teach art, and all of you should burn with the obligation to save the world.” – Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki